Of the two custom Groms we unveiled at 2021 Barber Small Bore, “Groundead” by far was the more challenging and ambitious build. If the “Type 56” was designed with the track in mind, “Groundead” looks like it could be from another planet. Pulling from childhood inspirations such as the world of Syd Mead and the dystopian, post-apocalyptic surroundings in Katsuhiro Otomo’s 1988 film AKIRA, Steady Design’s concept for “Groundead” was to turn the Grom into a “Sci-Fi, all-terrain explorer”. Something different but strangely familiar at the same time.


With this being an all new Grom for 2022, the aftermarket scene in the U.S. was essentially nonexistent. Therefore all of the custom parts needed to be conceptualized, outlined, modeled, tested and manufactured within a short timeframe. The process involved constant back and forth between Steady Design and the team at Chimera Engineering, resulting in a lot of spur of the moment trouble shooting and problem solving.


In order to give the bike a bare metal, ‘motor on wheels’ feel, we first had to remove the Grom’s rear subframe and replaced it with a high angle rear tail, which is one of the key advantages over the previous Grom generations, the ability to “unbolt” the rear subframe. The additional clearance, signifying its true purpose being off-road, gave way for the dual GP Magnum Mufflers that were customized by our friends at Yoshimura-RD.  There are numerous sci-fi inspired details throughout such as the air ducts on the body panels and the three dimple holes directly under the seat, revealing a metal mesh underneath.  The custom 12” FKD 1’s, further heighten this design sensibility, truly giving “Groundead” an other-worldly feel.



Chimera Engineering Short Ram Air Intake

• Custom dual Yoshimura Magnum GP Mufflers with custom Steady Garage SS Header

Chimera Engineering Cam Gear Cover

• Chimera Engineering One-Off Flyers Upper Tappet Valve Cover*

Chimera Engineering Maze Lower Tappet Valve Cover

Chimera Engineering Clutch Cover Guard

Chimera Engineering Oil Filter Cover

SMR 6 Disc Clutch Plates

SMR 60% Stiffer Clutch Springs

Aracer RC Mini X ECU


Racing Bros Adjustable Front Fork Kit

Racing Bros Lowered Fork Kit

Gears Racing Hill 2 Plus Rear Coilover Shock

Chimera Light Weight Aluminum Wheel Spacers

• GCraft Handcrafted Triple Square Tubing Aluminum Swing Arm

Shinko Mobbers Knobby Tires

Chimera Engineering Wheels FDK-1 3pc Rims, Rear = 12x6, Front = 12x4*

Chimera Engineering Front Hub

Chimera Engineering Rear Hub

Chimera Engineering Billet Cush Hub Carrier

PBI Rear Sprocket

D.I.D. Super 420NZ3 Gold Chain

Chimera Engineering SS Swing Arm Race Bolt

Chimera Engineering SS Front 

Chimera Engineering SS Rear Axle


• Anchor Brake ANC6 Brake Calipers

• Anchor Brake ANB13 Master Cylinders

Galfer Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines

Galfer Wave Front Rotor

Galfer Wave Rear Rotor

• Chimera Engineering Left Side Brake Caliper Bracket

Chimera Engineering P3x Front Caliper Bracket


Woodcraft 35mm Clip On Handlebars with 1.0” Rise

Chimera Engineering FC Clip On Handlebar Adapter Plate

• Chimera Engineering One-Off Triangle Side Panel*

Chimera Engineering Dressed up washer set

Chimera Engineering LP9 Headlight Plate and Visor Set

Chimera Engineering Flush Mount Turn Signals

Driven Racing Halo Fuel Cap Base

Driven Racing Halo Fuel Cap

• Chimera Engineering Moffit Pegs*

Baja Designs LP9 Headlight

Vans Waffle Grips

Detailed By Panem x RAU Engineering Front and Rear Fender

• Custom Aluminum Skidplate

• Custom Aluminum Seat Pan

• Custom Stainless Steel High Tail Rear Subframe Hoop

• Rogelio’s Auto Upholstery Custom Seat

For the suspension we went with a Racing Bros Adjustable Front Fork Kit & Front Fork Lowering Kit and a Gears Racing Hill-2 Plus Rear Shock.   Anchor ANC6 Brake Calipers + ANB13 Mastercylinder.   We also included a G-Craft: Triple Square Handcrafted Aluminum Swing Arm, Yoshimura: GP Magnum Mufflers that were customized by Yoshimura and Baja Designs: LP9 Pro LED headlight.  Lastly we wrapped the FKD 1’s with a pair of Shinko Mobber Tires.

We’d also like to highlight Rogellio’s Upholstery x RAU Engineering for their custom seat upholstery and 3D scanning and Detailed by Panem’s carbon fiber work on the redesigned front and rear fenders. 

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