RacingBros Front Fork Anti Dive System - Honda Trail 125 CT125 (ALL YEARS)
RacingBros Front Fork Anti Dive System - Honda Trail 125 CT125 (ALL YEARS)
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RacingBros Front Fork Anti Dive System - Honda Trail 125 CT125 (ALL YEARS)

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    RacingBros Front Fork Anti Dive System for Honda Trail 125 CT125 (ALL YEARS, EFI version)! Completely improve the Trail 125 front suspension by increasing firmness, added flexibility with adjustable pre-load fork caps, improve dampening performance, and reduce front end dive all in one kit! The Anti Dive System includes new stiffer front springs, Anti Dive Blue Valves, and Adjustable Spring Pre-Load Fork Caps, which is the ultimate front suspension kit for the Trail 125! The Anti Dive installation could be done with simple hand tools!



    Have you ever been bothered by the weak compression damping of the original front forks that cause diving too much? Or you feel unconfident when you're cornering?

    The RacingBros Anti Dive System can solve these problems!
    With RacingBros Anti Dive System, it could increase up to 40% compression stiffness compared to the OEM factory setup. High quality springs and dynamic valve will reduce front dive, in turn would provide better handling when you are carving through the corner. Enjoy a better ride and rule the road!

    RacingBros recommend to use 10wt for best performance

    Available Spring Rates:

    • 6.5N/mm fork spring: Riders up to 220lbs
    • 7N/mm fork spring: Riders above 220lbs


    • Technologies and setting from Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC)
    • Check valve damping piston design: Increase the compression damping force and high sensitive rebound force.
    • Quick to install: Complete installation without dismantling the damping tube or changing the oil.
    • Compression damping adjustable (via valve spring length adjustment).
    • Spring preload-adjustable: 0-12mm.
    • Super High Strength JIS G3560 Cr-Si steel spring.
    • AL-6061 T6 preload body and damping piston.


    • 2019+ Honda Trail 125 (CT125)

    RacingBros don't recommend changing the stock damping rod or modification to it, such as drilling holes. Alteration to the stock damping rod may cause unpredictable function or performance. It will also void the manufacture warranty. 

    NOTE: For those who prefer to have helper springs over the included long aluminum spacer tube from RacingBros, please look into SKU: CH-1413. This kit will replace the long RacingBros Aluminum spacer entirely (included short spacers + springs). This kit would allow additional suspension travel for the Racing Bros Front Anti Dive Kits for the Honda Trail 125 CT125.  


    ⚠ WARNING: California Proposition 65