Slime Tire Plug 8 Piece Kit
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Slime Tire Plug 8 Piece Kit

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    Slime Tire Plug 8 Piece Kit

    The Slime tire plug kit includes everything you need to plug up those nasty punctures. Just insert the reamer into the offending hole a couple times to clean it up and get out any debris. Then, thread some of the included plugging material through the eye of the needle, coating it with the rubber cement. Jam the needle in the hole, pull it out, and voila! No more puncture, just like that.

    • Includes everything you need to plug up a tire!
    • For tubeless off-road tires, including ATVs, mowers, and wheelbarrows.
    • Our plugs are odorless!
    • Need a refill on those tire plugs? Pick up one of our plug packs, sold separately!

    • Weighs 5.44 oz.
    • String plugs are 7-ply
    • Includes (1) T-handle rasp
    • (1) T-handle plug needle
    • (1) 0.41 oz. tube of rubber cement
    • 5 string plugs
    • Rasper and needle reach a depth of 68mm
    ⚠ WARNING: California Proposition 65