Motion Pro Chain Breaker Tool
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Motion Pro Chain Breaker Tool

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    Motion Pro Chain Breaker Tool with folding handle is a must have for all moto enthusiasts! Easily perform any type of chain service with this tool! Fits 420 to 530 size chains!
    • Original Motion Pro design
    • Fits 420 to 530 chain
    • Will push link pin completely through link / side plate
    • Handle folds away for easy storage
    • Durable drive pin is heat treated for strength and wear resistance
    • Will not work on EK 530 MVO/MVX chain
    • Max pin extension to drive out chain links is 18mm. The maximum pin extension required to drive out the chain link is determined by measuring your chains width from outside face plate to outside face plate.
    • Beware of imitations! This tool was originally designed by Motion Pro over 20 years ago. Since then, many of our competitors have tried to copy this tool, but none of them have got it quite right. Over the years we have added several new, not so obvious features that enhance the function and durability of this tool. You won't find those features on the copycat versions. You can only get the original and best folding chain tool from Motion Pro.
    ⚠ WARNING: California Proposition 65