The Grunge Brush Chain Cleaner with 4oz Degreaser
The Grunge Brush Chain Cleaner with 4oz Degreaser
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The Grunge Brush Chain Cleaner with 4oz Degreaser

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    The Grunge Brush Chain Cleaner with 4oz Degreaser


        When it comes to cleaning your machine’s chain, the Grunge Brush gets the job done quickly, effectively and conveniently. The brush is designed to address several different elements of chain cleaning. For example, the brush is positioned off the handle at such an angle to prevent rubbing your hand against the machine while you scrub. The brush itself is set up in a U shape with bristles on all three sides in the interior. This allows you to easily position the brush on the chain and scrub multiple sides of it. With minimal maneuvering, you can get to all four sides of the chain.

        One of the great things about a tool that is built for one major purpose is that there are no shortcomings when it comes to getting that task done. The Grunge Brush exemplifies this perfectly. Cleaning the grime off a chain requires bristles firm enough to scrub well. Many brushes are too soft to do the job adequately. However, some brushes are too harsh and end up damaging the O-rings in the process. The Grunge Brush uses bristles that are perfect for the task – not too soft and not too hard. It will clean off the grime without damaging your chain’s O-rings.

        In order to give the Grunge Brush extra utility, the end is also fitted with long bristles. This will let you clean other parts of your motorcycle or ATV aside from the chain, such as your sprockets or wheels. The package also includes a mild degreaser you can use to clean the chain. It works great, but it’s also biodegradable. You can use it around plastic and rubber parts without worry.

        The Grunge Brush is strong and built to last for many uses. However, the bristles are available as replacement parts if you need them.

        Cleaning your chain is worthwhile. A dirty chain will run roughly, causing unnecessary wear and requiring premature replacement. The Grunge Brush makes this cleaning process easy and hassle-free. When it comes to chain maintenance, no garage is complete without the Grunge Brush.


    • The Grunge Brush enables you to clean your chain with ease.
    • Three-sided bristles allow you to clean all four sides of your chain.
    • Long bristles on the end let you clean other parts of your bike, like sprockets and wheels.
    • Regular component cleaning prevents premature wear and tear on chain and sprockets which assures smooth operation of the drivetrain.
    • Bristle blocks are adjustable to accommodate all sizes of chain.
    • Mild degreaser is included.
    ⚠ WARNING: California Proposition 65