Gears Racing Hill-2 Rear Coilover Shock 2021+ Honda Trail CT 125
Gears Racing Hill-2 Rear Coilover Shock 2021+ Honda Trail CT 125
Gears Racing Hill-2 Rear Coilover Shock 2021+ Honda Trail CT 125
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Gears Racing Hill-2 Rear Coilover Shock 2021+ Honda Trail CT 125

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    Gears Racing Hill-2 (H2) rear coilover shock for Honda Trail 125! This is the most advance rear shock for the Honda CT 125! Gears Racing Hill-2 shocks are engineered for high performance and competition while maintaining street comfort and daily usage! They have done extensive testing on the H2 shock all around the world, from race tracks to street, Gears Racing has tuned the shock specifically for the motorcycle or vehicle it was intended for. Ride height, rebound, compression, and spring pre-load adjustable! This is the ultimate rear shock for your Honda Monkey!

    Gears Racing H2 shocks are build for extreme performance and competition, all while maintaining street comfort and daily riding performance. It's a lot of shock for a mini-moto, however Gears Racing strive for the best when it comes to high performance shocks. One thing you'll noticed is that the H2 shock has an additional pass-through oil cooling reservoir, so that fluids traveling between the shock body and the shock reservoir will pass through the smaller reservoir where some heat will be dissipated. This will give racers and riders a more consistent shock performance and it'll also extend the life of the components when being used in extreme conditions. Gears Racing also overbuilt a lot of the shock components, such as the larger diameter damper shaft, larger spring adjusters, and largers spring to ensure that it'll take all the abuse that it'll be put through.

    • Monotube Oil & Gas Separator Design
      • Monotube Oil & Gas separator design enhances heat dissipation. The design will prevent oil from foaming and maintain the performance.
    • Active Valve Piston
      • Wide range Valve Piston(W.R.V.P.): Anti-over loading double loop piston offers two-way pressure relief function for extra comfort even on toughest road.
    • 2-Way damping Adjustment:
      • Both compressor and rebound adjustment can be set individually on our two ways damper set.
    • Preload Adjustment
      • Preload spring setting can be adjusted according to user needs.
    • External Reservior System
      • External reservoir effectively provide additional oil and air to stable the temperature.
    • Rebound Adjustment
      • Standard 10 Clicks for Compression and 12 Clicks for Rebound adjust-ability according to user needs.
    • Adjustable Height
      • Height Adjuster Rod equipped with 5mm range allowance; provides more precise tuned for the rider's ride height.
    • Warranty
      • Damping shock are covered by Warranty for 12 months against manufacture defect.(Taiwan Only, United States)

    Note: Gears Racing spring diameter is larger than normal. It may not work together with some lowering links.

    ⚠ WARNING: California Proposition 65