EBC HH Sintered Compound Rear Brake Pads Honda Grom 125
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EBC HH Sintered Compound Rear Brake Pads Honda Grom 125

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    EBC HH Sintered compound rear brake pads for Honda Grom 125! This is one of the first thing anyone should do to their Honda Grom 125 when or before their OEM pads are worn out! Improve brake feel and performance!

    Double-H™ Sintered Superbike brake pads are the true and undisputed KING of fast motorcycle brakes. Within one year of their launch in 2004 Double-H™ Sintered Superbike brake pads became the standard by which all brake pads for streetbikes were judged because of their long lasting and powerful brake effect.

    These Double-H™ Sintered Superbike brake pads benefit from the highest friction HH rating for maximum stopping power, made in the USA from sintered copper alloy like original pads for longer life and perfect braking stainless steel radiator plates are fitted to reduce heat transfer into bikes hydraulics where required. Some callipers feature phenolic pistons and generally these do not require insulation.. The unique double segment vented design improves braking under all riding conditions, wet, dry, hot or cold. On wider EBC brake pads this keeps the pads cooler and prevents pad drag and overheat or fade.

    When EBC broke into the sintered pad market, it really did its homework. We took all the current market offerings, tested them, analysed them and beat them. We removed the iron powders commonly used in many sintered pads that cause the pad to weld to the disc under corrosion when the bike is parked and replaced it with stainless powder. The EBC factory on Ohio is now the largest OE supplier of sintered friction in America.

    Over the years many competitors have entered the sintered pad market and of course visually many pads look just the same, but there is a massive difference. Recent test performed on lower priced competitor sintered pads revealed massive loss of friction level and rapid wear, over 5 times faster than the EBC product. Our promise at EBC is to deliver equal or better brakes than any ORIGINAL pads at a lower price and this promise holds true offering you fantastic brakes at value for money.
    ⚠ WARNING: California Proposition 65 www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.