Douglas (DWT) Rear Solid Dish Blank Rim - 12x8, 4+4, 4x110
Douglas (DWT) Rear Solid Dish Blank Rim - 12x8, 4+4, 4x110
Douglas (DWT) Rear Solid Dish Blank Rim - 12x8, 4+4, 4x110
  • SKU: DR-REARRIM-006-99

Douglas (DWT) Rear Solid Dish Blank Rim - 12x8, 4+4, 4x110

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    Solid dish blank rims are simple, clean, and classic! It will match any style builds! Perfect for those that don't want any designs or cuts on the rims! If you don't see what you need, please feel free to contact us! 


    • Diameter: 12"
    • Width: 8"
    • Offset: 4+4 (ZERO OFFSET)
    • Bolt Pattern PCD: 4x110mm
    • Lug Hole Size: 10mm
    • Thickness: .190" Red Label

    This spec is commonly used for NON-COMMON, custom set up for Honda Ruckus, Yamaha Zuma 125, Honda, PCX 125/150, and other custom bikes! . This 12x8 has a 4+4, zero offset, it's considered an uncommon custom rim used with custom hubs or with adapters spacers.

    Rear Hub is required to rim these wheels. Please see the Production Options list for hubs.

    Since these rims are blanks, it could be used in either direction. So if you see a rim with 4+2 offset, however, you need a 2+4, the same rim could be used, just flip the rim the other direction. The only thing is that the valve stem is usually located on the stepped lip side. 


    Douglas Wheel Technologies (DWT) rims are made from spun aluminum, which is originally designed to be used with off-road vehicles, such as ATV, SXS, and UTV. All Douglas rims have a slight wobble or run-out since they are designed for off-road vehicles that are used on the sands. It's industry standard for spun rims to have some run-outs or up and down movement. The lip edge may contain some slight blems or imperfections as DWT does NOT package the rims with enough protection during shipping, therefore it's DWT standard to have some blems/imperfections on the lip edge. DWT made their wheels with the intention of them being used hard in the dirt and sand. You could have the rim high polished, powder coated, or painted if you don't like the imperfection. If you want high quality rims, please look into Chimera Engineering Wheels (CHW). 


    Photos are for reference only, the actual rim will vary in shape and appearances depending on size ordered.

    ⚠ WARNING: California Proposition 65