Chimera 420 Modular Handlebar Riser Clamp 7/8
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Chimera 420 Modular Handlebar Riser Clamp 7/8" - Honda Ruckus (ALL YEARS)

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    Chimera Engineering 420 Modular Handlebar Riser Clamp for Honda Ruckus NPS50 (ALL YEARS). The Chimera 420 Modular Handlebar Riser Clamp would accept any 7/8" Handlebar. These are adaptive as all the pieces could be remove and changed. One example would be, if you decide to go with 1-1/8" diameter handlebar, all you would need to purchase are the 1-1/8" Risers Clamps instead of having to purchase a whole new handlebar clamp. This handlebar clamp does not limit you to just one particular set up, it could be changed by purchasing the needed item that you want!


    NOTE: The top clamp will accept any Chimera top clamps made for the Honda Grom 7/8"! You could change it to the Chimera GoPro Mount, Angled Gauge Mount, or individual clamps (all sold separately)!

    Chimera Modular Handlebar Riser Clamp would allow you to change the factory handlebar to any 7/8" handlebar that you like! Chimera designed this handlebar clamp to be modular so that you could change the handlebar set up down the road if you decide to! A few possible change as an example would be to change to a 1-1/8" handlebars, to a different style of top clamp, or changing to clip-on handlebars. All of the other parts that you could change or swap out to down the road are carried by us! The Modular Handlebar Riser Clamp won't limit you to just one set up!


    • 2002-2022 Honda Ruckus 50cc (NPS50)

    Note: Reusing the OEM handlebar bolt and the radius cut washer is required!

    Flat mounting plate for gauges available! SKU: CH-1390 and CH-1390-OEM



    ⚠ WARNING: California Proposition 65