Chimera Velocity Stack Filter Screen Wrap Water Repellent 3
Chimera Velocity Stack Filter Screen Wrap Water Repellent 3
Chimera Velocity Stack Filter Screen Wrap Water Repellent 3
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Chimera Velocity Stack Filter Screen Wrap Water Repellent 3"

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    Chimera Engineering Velocity Stack Filter Screen Wrap! Protect your engine, throttle body, turbo inlet, or carburetor with this screen filter! Made from 100% monofilament polyester with water repellent finish! This will keep debris, water drops, and unwated things from entering into your intake! Will fit up to 3" diameter velocity stacks.

    Screen Filter Wraps are SOLD INDIVIDUALLY!
    Does not include velocity stack.

    Chimera Engineering Velocity Stack filter screen wrap for velocity stacks up to 3" diameter. Will work perfectly with GJ-1045, PLN-1010, and VOCA-1000 that we carry! Will also fit other applications as well! It's held on with a elastic band, which is could be stretched over most common velocity stacks. This is a must to protect your engine from debris and water droplets from entering into your throttle body, carburetor, or turbo! Made of a dry polyester mesh for filtraition, harmful dirt and debris will simply bounce off, allowing only clean air to flow through the screen!

    It's recommended to change the filter screen wrap every 5,000 - 6,000 miles. The filter screen may stay fully intact and usable, however, the water repellent feature will become less effective over time and use. Chimera filter screen are sold affordably so that customers can replace the filter screen with ease. Riding conditions and the extent in which you use the product can also effect the lifetime of your filter screen.

    Installing a velocity stack screen filter is also a cheap and easy way to prevent water from getting into your engine. The filter screens are treated with hydrophobic finish designed to repel water. The water repellent feature is extremely effective when riding through wet conditions such as rain, mud, and puddles. Please note: "water repellent" does NOT mean "water proof." You cannot completely submerge the screen into water, it's designed to keep the splashes and droplets out i.e. "repel". It's definitely better to have one than to not!

    ⚠ WARNING: California Proposition 65