ATR 5th Generation GY6 Engine Swap Harness - Honda Ruckus
ATR 5th Generation GY6 Engine Swap Harness - Honda Ruckus
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ATR 5th Generation GY6 Engine Swap Harness - Honda Ruckus

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    ATR plug and play GY6 engine harness will eliminate the need to fuzz around with wiring your engine swaps! Reduce the chances of errors and problems. Pre-labeled and ready to go!

    The latest generation for the harness is the G5 (Generation 5), which is now the DC version (uses DC CDI). The G5 harness no longer requires the engine kill relay, which simplified the harness and eliminates weak components.

    Please take a few minutes to read through everything to get familiar with everything!

    For those who are looking for an 8-Pole harness, please be sure to add the 8 pole harness jumper so that it will allow you to run an 8 pole charging system! We highly recommend an 11 pole charging system as it has a higher voltage output and it's more stable than an 8 pole system. To change over to an 11 pole system, all you would need is an 11 pole stator and a flywheel/magneto that would fit the 11 pole stator.

    ATR 5th Generation engine swap harnesses are professionally hand-made from all brand new wires and connectors. No wire modification that will result in wire color changes or jumps, just a specific color all the way through to where it needs to be. This will greatly reduce the chances of errors that may occur during modifying the OEM harness or a GY6 donor harness. ATR wire harness is 95% plug and play, a minor simple adjustment is needed to get the harness to work. Please read the notes below.

    With the use of this harness, the stock Ruckus ECU and electric fuel pump will no longer be needed. A vacuum fuel pump is required. We recommend reusing the OEM one way check valve to prevent fuel from going back into the gas tank after a period of parking or storage. 

    The Honda Ruckus factory controls will plug directly into this harness, all functions of the controls will be usable like OEM!

    G5 ATR harness kit includes the following items:

    • Starter solenoid
    • LED Ready Flasher Relay
    • Rectifier for 11 pole system
    • Spark plug coil and wire
    • DC GY6 CDI


    G5 wiring harness now uses a DC CDI! This would eliminate the engine kill relay (ice cube-looking relay box) that was on the previous generation harness. The G5 harness could use both AC OR DC stators, which is also a great benefit so that you wouldn't need to purchase polarity stators. If you run an AC stator with the G5 DC harness, then you would only need to run the timing pick-up wire (red/white or blue/white) The loose black/red wire will NOT be used. The charging wires from AC and DC stator is the same, which for the G5 harness, either stator would work!


    The additional wires with a 3 pin connector instead of the 3 loose wires running from the middle (stock fuel pump location) to the front end(inside battery box) are embedded just in case the end-user would like to wire up their electric OEM fuel pump or other accessories, such as a temperature sensor, tachometer, etc. they are there specifically for future modifications and additions- so there's no need to tear up the wire harness to add wires.


    Steady Garage installation tips:

    • Ignition switch wires will need to be wired to the OEM connector. Connecting either color will work because the color does not matter. An optional ignition switch connector could be added to your order, please select from the drop-down menu.
    • For those who are looking to use the low-fuel indicator light, you will need to keep the LED drive unit (the black box under the indicator lights) and the resistor (under where the ECU use to be). The connector for the fuel sending unit will need to be wired to the ATR harness using the OEM connector. This means you will need to cut the fuel sending connector off the old harness leaving a pigtail, then install it onto the ATR harness by matching the colors accordingly.
    • Much like any on your ride, the more time you take to organize the harness into your battery box, the nicer it will look.
    • The large ground wire going towards the engine MUST BE grounded to the engine, NOT the rear frame. Failure to do so will/may cause damages to the harness.
    • DO NOT USE AN AC CDI, using an AC CDI would cause the CDI to fried, only use DC CDI!
    • Highly recommended to use the OEM one way fuel check valve between the fuel pump the and carburetor SKU: HND-1031 to prevent the fuel from flowing back into the gas tank after a period of parking or storage.


    ⚠ WARNING: California Proposition 65