NCY Honda Ruckus Extension Kit
NCY Honda Ruckus Extension Kit
NCY Honda Ruckus Extension Kit
NCY Honda Ruckus Extension Kit
NCY Honda Ruckus Extension Kit
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NCY Honda Ruckus Extension Kit

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    NCY Honda Ruckus Engine Extension kit! Complete kit that has everything you'll need to stretch your Ruckus 6.5"! This extension kit is the most established kit for the Honda Ruckus. For as long as we know it (since 2007) this kit was the kit to get! Comes with extended cables and fuel line!

    Available in Black or Silver.

    One of the first thing many Ruckus owners will do to their newly acquired Honda Ruckus is to stretch it! Adding 6.5" overall length to your Ruckus will change it drastically! It'll give it that drag bike look and style that many will surely notice! Comes complete with everything you'll need to extend the engine.

    • NCY Black Engine Extension Mount
    • NCY Black Shock Extension
    • Extended Brake Cables (will work with OEM handle bars)
    • Extended Throttle Cable (will work with OEM handle bars)
    • Longer Fuel Line

    Installation tips:

    1. Install or swap the cables last.
    • if you're going to get lowered handles bars, such as Drag or Broomstick handle bars and lowered bar stems (Password:JDM, Gojin, BMX style), then you MIGHT not need to swap out the throttle and brake cables! Depending on your new aftermarket lowered handlebar set up, you might be able to use the OEM cables.
  • Before installing the engine extension kit, remove the cross bar bolts and add some loctite on them and tighthen them up (to around 25 ftlb). Failure to tighten them before installation may result in losing the bolts.
  • Wedging the new engine extension mount inbetween the frame bushings will take some work. Best thing to do is slide one side on first by the very tip, then using the long engine bolt (long 10" bolt that is used to bolt the engine to the OEM mount), slip it slightly into the opposite bushing and pry it towards the front of the bike. This will flex the bushing so the rear section of the bushing could open up. While doing this, pull the side the tip is partially in against the frame and then try to slide the opposite side in. It may take some man power and some work, but it'll slide in.
  • ⚠ WARNING: California Proposition 65