Galfer Semi-Metallic Organic Rear Brake Pads Kawasaki Z125 Pro
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Galfer Semi-Metallic Organic Rear Brake Pads Kawasaki Z125 Pro

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    Galfer Racing performance semi-metallic organic rear brake pads for Kawasaki Z125 Pro! This is one of the first thing anyone should do to their Kawasaki Z125 Pro when or before their OEM pads are worn out! Improve brake feel and performance! Direct replacement!

    The 1054 compound is the workhorse of Galfer's brake pad family. It offers progressive feel and feedback and is GG rated which makes it a great overall brake pad. This compound is available for front and rear calipers. Use this compound if you commute to work, ride light trails or woods or “just need some good brake pads”. Applications range from street, ATV, dirt bike and cruisers. This compound is so versatile, many Karts use it as a race compound!

    Galfer Racing performance brake system is one of the top brake brands in the industry! If there is one item you can get that will make an instant, noticeable improvement to your brake feel and performance!

    Semi-Metallic / Organic Brake Pads

    • Great feel and modulation
    • Long-lasting and very little rotor wear
    • Good in wet and/or dry conditions
    • Over all a very versatile compound for almost every need
    ⚠ WARNING: California Proposition 65