Galfer Racing HH Sintered Compound Front Brake Pads Honda Grom
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Galfer Racing HH Sintered Compound Front Brake Pads Honda Grom

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    Galfer Racing performance HH Sintered compound front brake pads for Honda Grom 125! This is one of the first thing anyone should do to their Honda Grom 125 when or before their OEM pads are worn out! Improve brake feel and performance! Direct replacement! This pad handles all the heat you can throw at it, yet works great right out of the garage. A versatile pad that is ideal for road racing for lighter bikes, Sportbikes, MX, SX, and Enduro.

    Galfer Racing performance brake system is one of the top brake brands in the industry! If there is one item you can get that will make an instant, noticeable improvement to your brake feel and performance, upgrade your brake pads!

    Galfer 1396/7 compound is the result of years of racing in the harshest conditions. Based on Advanced Ceramics, this compound is designed to deliver excellent performance in all aggressive scenarios. It offers very fast heat recovery for more consistent braking which, in turn, gives the rider more “feel” and control. These pads are very easy on rotors since they do not have the same levels of metallics in them as many O.E.M. and after-market brands. The 1396/97 compound also features ceramic composites in its mix, which help to dissipate heat. This gives you a cooler running system that will be able to withstand more heating cycles and deliver consistent braking.

    HH Sintered Advanced Ceramic Brake Pads

    • For moderately aggressive everyday and sport street riding
    • Advanced ceramic composites ready to withstand higher temperatures than regular semi-metallic carbon brake pads
    • HH friction rated compounds deliver excellent feel and modulation
    • Capable of handling almost any type of riding you throw at them.
    ⚠ WARNING: California Proposition 65