Nology HotWires Spark Plug Cable
Nology HotWires Spark Plug Cable
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Nology HotWires Spark Plug Cable

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Nology Hotwires spark plug cable will help improve engine performance by improving spark delivery! A great and economical performance upgrade! Simply unscrew or undo you old spark plug cap and cable, and screw the Nology one into the coil!

Avaliable in Red or Black colored wire.

Nology HotWires are the most technologically advanced ignition wires available. HotWires create the most powerful spark possible. HotWires are engineered with a special built-in capacitor, exclusive only to HotWires. This revolutionary design allows energy from the ignition coil to accumulate in the capacitor until the voltage at the spark plug electrodes reaches the ionization point. At that split second point the entire power of the stored spark is discharged at once, creating a spark 300 times more powerful. The result is faster, more complete combustion, and most importantly,
MORE HORSEPOWER that's 100%.

A great and economical performance upgrade for your:
-Honda Ruckus 50cc
-Honda Metropolitan 50cc
-GY6 Engines
-Yamaha Zuma 50cc
-Yamaha Zuma 125cc (requires NGK Splicer)
-Honda Grom 125 (requires NGK Splicer)
+Many other bikes!

Available in either Red or Black Cable.

Add an NGK Cable Splicer when ordering just incase you need it!

⚠ WARNING: California Proposition 65 Warning