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Farewell Joe Vargas- Storytime


Late autumn 2012, Francis, Duy and I met together to brainstorm and to exchange our individual ideas, visions, and goals. The three of us aimed to create an endeavor that will fulfill our goals to build a successful independent company. After many weeks of nightly meeting in the frigid backyard of Francis’ house or crowding up our living rooms, somewhere between beers, hookah, and music, we drafted a plan in hopes that it will lead us somewhere. We understood that it will take more than just hard work to reach our goals, especially with limited resources. All we had was our youth, dedication, and the desire to do whatever possible to ‘make it work’.   Shortly after the three of us committed to a plan, we knew that this project would be a journey… and we have absolutely no clue what to expect. Continue reading

Twenty Fourteen : A Year’s Review




Looking back, it felt like we’ve twisted the throttle and blasted through 2014.  Shuffling through events, building, riding, and taking care of business, we’ve somehow managed not lose sight of what’s most important; having fun. No words could express how much we appreciate everyone who was part of it all. With a new year, new location (we’ll get to this later), and new goals, we will be sure to continue the journey for 2015. Before then, we’d like to  recap some highlights from 2014. ( just in case you missed something…or if we missed something)

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3rd Annual Joe’s Mini Bike Reunion – 2014





The 3rd Annual Joe’s Mini Bike Reunion turns out to be the largest one yet! For such a niche event focusing on mini bikes, it’s astonishing to see that it’s growing every year! Joe and his team works very hard to provide and accommodate everyone that is attending JMBR, whether you’re a pubic spectator or a participant, they’ll make sure you’ll have a good time! Unlike other events, JMBR is free to the public; there’s even raffle prizes for those are just willing to stroll through, who wouldn’t want to be here?!

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