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Killer Scooter Super Sunday 2014 – Mild “FAM” T-Shirt

Killer Scooter Super Sunday 2014:






For those who don’t already know, check out the dope shirts by MILD. The “FAM” shirt is the unofficial Super Sunday 2014 t-shirt. Order yours before April 10, 2014 if you would like to receive it by/before Super Sunday weekend! For those who wouldn’t mind getting the shirts after Super Sunday, feel free to put in your order anytime in April. These shirts are for anyone and everyone, you don’t need to attend to have the shirt! It’s a memorabilia for one of So-Cal’s largest scooter/minibike rally! Available in 4 different colors!






ssblackback ssblackfront







PS: Be on the look out for Killer Scooters Official Super Sunday 2014 t-shirt that will be released shortly!



-Steady Garage

Steady Garage Goes to SEMA 2013- Part 1




“SEMA” is short for “Specialty Equipment Market Association” and is held at the Las Vegas Convention Center once a year.  A little under 100,000 vendors and buyers from all around the world shoot to Vegas to take part in the legendary trade show.  SEMA is so big, it’d be impossible to walk the entire show in just one day.  Just picture 6 Costcos completely filled with the most pristine builds you’ve ever laid your eyes on; on top of that, throw in sick tools, wheels and accessories, care products, jumping stadium trucks, sliding drift machines, and beautiful women… that my friends is SEMA.  Luckily the show goes on for a whole week, so it’s safe to say that you can still do your regular Vegas “activities” while trying to cover the event.

We at Steady Garage were fortunate to represent one of our Ruckus’ (Marble Madness RB: Edition- by STDYGRGE x Midnight Garage) which was showcased at the VIAIR and Wurton booth in the North Hall.  This was a great honor for us, because it normally takes several years to showcase anything at SEMA.  Thank you to VIAIR and Wurton for holding us down and giving us this great opportunity.

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