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3rd Annual Joe’s Minibike Reunion – September 20, 2014 8am-1pm




Some of you may remember last year’s 2nd annual Joe’s Minibike Reunion HERE.

This year it’s taking place on September 20th, between 8am – 1pm. Be sure to register your bike to receive a bag of goods and a chance to win some prizes and awards!

Location: 3901 Dunsmore Avenue, La Crescenta, California 91214

Time: 8am – 1pm

Free to the public!

For those who would like to register their mini bikes, Honda Grom 125, Honda Ruckus, Honda Metropolitan, and other bikes, please see below!



Normal Registration: $20 (you will be register for the show and receive a bag of goodies and discounts to all JMBR merchandise! You will also be eligible to win raffles and awards!)

Please see link and follow fill out the required information:






Steady Garage Discounted Registration (save $8!):  $12 (you will be register for the show and receive a bag of goodies and discounts to all JMBR merchandise! You will also be eligible to win raffles and awards!)

Please send Paypal payment to:

Please complete the information below and include it with your payment! Once payment is made, print out a copy of the receipt and bring it with you to the show. Make sure your address is included with the payment as Joe will be mailing out goodies before the event.



Show Class:

Notes: Special Steady Discount






Show Classes: Honda Grom, Honda Ruckus/Metropolitan, Taco Mini Bikes, Open Class Mini Bikes.









We will be leading a ride from the San Gabriel Valley to Crescenta Valley Park! For those that would like to ride to the show, please meet up at parking lot next to The Hat (5505 Rosemead Blvd, Temple City, CA 91780) before 7:15am!

Meet up at 7am, the ride will leave at 7:30am.

Please gas up before arriving to meet up location.









We hope to see everyone there! This year is the first year that a Honda Grom class is opened! Please feel free to register and enter your pride and joy!



Thank you!

-Steady Garage


The Rematch-Super Sunday Weekend Part 3

WARNING: Lots of images, please allow all images to load.

The Do Over: Super Sunday Weekend Part 2

Easy Friday: Super Sunday Weekend Part 1









Rewind about 6 years ago; the first Super Sunday only held  about 40 riders.  Today, expect to see at least 280+ riders, and the number keeps climbing!   It’s amazing that riders from Hawaii, the East Coast, to even our distant neighbors in Asia (Japan and Taiwan, just to name a few) will come all this way for such gathering.  Because of them, Super Sunday is the largest scooter/minibike organized ride in the USA, bar none.


So what actually goes down on Super Sunday week? Well, you got the shops building and preparing their best builds,  little pre-meets, hospitality (only a mother would be proud of), and of course last minute parts and services.  Blood, sweat, and tears is not a just metaphor when it comes to the preparation for Super Sunday.  You’re looking at endless hours of cuts, bruises, smashed fingers, and foul language.  Ironically,  we love doing it (call us crazy)!  Everything leading up to this day, is what makes this community so great.   Here’s Super Sunday 2014 (#killerss2014), organized by Killer Scooter.


Since the final destination was the same place as the Spring before, Steven decided that it would be great to try a different route to get there.  The Rematch. On a side note:  Thank you to all the Super Sunday Riders.  Your efforts and sacrifices are definitely recognized.  Without you guys, none of this would be possible.  Ya’ll are definitely one of the biggest reasons why we keep doin’ wh


At 0730, we find ourselves outside of our home base with about 50+ people who are ready to roll out to main meeting spot at Grand Burgers, Rancho Cucamonga. This itself, could of been Super Sunday… back in 2008!



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