Prima P30/P32F Caliper Replacement Brake Pads

Prima P30/P32F Caliper Replacement Brake Pads

SKU #: ETC-1080
Prima replacement brake pads for Brembo P30/P32F Caliper

These pads also fit all Brembo P32F, Brembo P30, and P30 style caliper (such as NCY and KN).
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These pads must be used lightly for break-in followed by progressively harder braking. If a fall off in performance is experienced due to heavy braking prior to new pads being fully bedded in, it is important to let brakes cool before continuing. * All-purpose pads for all types of conditions * Powerful initial bite with thermal stability up to 1100 degrees F without fade * Designed for long life * 100% compatible with OEM stainless steel rotors/disks.

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