Chimera Center Cap for 4x110 Douglas Rims

Chimera Center Cap for 4x110 Douglas Rims

SKU #: CH-1054
Chimera center cap for Douglas rims with a 4x110 bolt pattern! Having an opening right in middle of the rim is an eyesore! Pick up a Chimera center cap and it'll cap off your problems!
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Chimera center cap will work for any unmodified center bore dimension on Douglas/DWT rims with 4x110 bolt patterns. It's perfectly machined for a very tight fit with a o-ring to help secure it in place! Machined from 6061 aluminum!



Note: Douglas center bore hole is not perfect since it's pressed/punched from the factory, which may leave some additional material or high spots. Some filing/deburring/smoothing may be needed before the Chimera center cap could be installed. The Chimera center cap is a very perfect fit, which will/may require a rubber mallot to knock the center cap in place.

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