Chimera RZ1 Zuma 125 Swap Mount For Honda Ruckus 7" FATTY

Chimera RZ1 Zuma 125 Swap Mount For Honda Ruckus 7" FATTY

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Chimera RZ1 Zuma 125 swap engine mount for custom Honda Ruckus.

Chimera engine mount and extension kits have been tested/R&D for 3-years before it's sold to enthusiasts. One of the first and one of the original bolt-on engine swap mount for a Yamha Zuma 125 engine going onto a Honda Ruckus.


9-13-18: PRODUCT UPDATE! The upper shock mount has been redesigned to fit at the stock location. The one shown on the photo has been changed to the new design. The one show on the photo is no longer available. Updated photos would be posted shortly. 

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Chimera RZ1 engine swap mount kit will allow you to swap a Yamaha Zuma 125 engine onto a Honda Ruckus. Complete bolt-on design that requires no welding to the Honda Ruckus rear frame. RZ1 is the original bolt-on engine swap mount for the Yamaha Zuma 125 '5S9' engine to a Honda Ruckus, carefully engineered and tested for thousands of miles before being release to the Honda Ruckus community.



7" Fatty:

  • RZ1 7" Fatty engine mount
  • Lower shock mount (mounts on Engine)
  • Upper shock mount
  • and all necessary mounting hardwares


Additional Parts needed: Chimera RZ1 Fatty mount will also need the following parts in order for you to get the engine swap onto a  rolling chassis (list does not include detailed information/parts because each builder prefer different parts and set up for the remaining items. Example: gas tank set up, exhaust set up, rear brake set up, etc.)

  • 12x7 or 13x7 Rim (contact us for options available)
  • Chimera Zuma 125 Rear disc Brake Conversion Kit
  • Custom Wire Harness (contact us)
  • Rear Low Stance Shock, 245mm or shorter (Racing Bros, ATR, NCY)


 NOTE: For Honda Metropolitan owners, the Chimera RZ1 engine mount will also work with some modification, please contact us for more information!


Chimera RZ1 swap mount is patent pending. 

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