Two Brothers Racing Tarmac Full Exhaust System for Kawasaki Z125 Pro- Carbon Fiber

Two Brothers Racing Tarmac Full Exhaust System for Kawasaki Z125 Pro- Carbon Fiber

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Two Brothers Racing Tarmac Full Exhaust System for Kawasaki Z125 Pro- Carbon FiberComes with all necessary hardware, tubing, instructions for installation.


  • Carbon Fiber Can with Teflon coated magnesium end-cap

  • Spiral-Wound Perforated Core

  • 4Lbs Of Weight Savings 

  • Stainless steel springs

  • Stamped spring-fit inlet

  • Made in USA



Notice: For Closed Course Competition Use Only. Not Intended for Street Use. Not for Sale in California.

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The Two Brothers Tarmac Exhaust System features an unmistakable trapezoidal shape muffler that stands out from the rest of the TBR exhaust line. This unique shape not only increases lean angle clearance but also maintains optimal internal exhaust volume and performance. The muffler is constructed with a CNC-machined stainless inlet for a seamless fit, billet CNC outlet and rivet bands with larger 5/32” rivets for added strength and durability. So as to not compromise the great lines of the TBR Tarmac Exhaust, it features a strapless integrated machined aluminum exhaust hanger. TBR’s signature spiral-wound perforated core combined with the removable T-Tip insert ensures a muscular and full-throated exhaust note.

The carbon fiber sleeve of the Tarmac Exhaust is made of a 33 million modulus rated carbon fiber that is impregnated with high temperature resin. The carbon fiber is then cured under vacuum with over a 100 psi to remove any air that is trapped in the carbon fiber laminate. TBR exclusively uses thirty-three million modulus rated carbon fiber for the Tarmac Exhaust because of its strong yet lightweight properties.

All exhaust pipes of the Tarmac Exhaust Systems start life as .035" thin wall #304 stainless steel tubing. #304 stainless steel, a lightweight austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steel which has low thermal conductivity properties and is corrosion resistant, even in the harshest environments. TBR then takes this versatile alloy and infuses it with their stepped exhaust technology. The stepped header system forces the exhaust gases to travel through incrementally larger diameter exhaust pipes on its way to the muffler. This design creates a vacuum effect that forces hot exhaust gases out, allowing your engine to breath better while simultaneously increasing horsepower, torque and throttle response.

This product is legal for closed-course competition use only; for racing vehicles (a competition vehicle not used on public highways). Intended for off-road use or race purposes; may not meet regulations of pollution controlled roads or highways. 


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