Takegawa S-Stage 181cc Big Bore Kit Honda Grom

Takegawa S-Stage 181cc Big Bore Kit Honda Grom

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Takegawa S-Stage Standard 181cc big bore kit! The Takegawa S-Stage Standard kit is a high-octane, high compression (11.0:1) kit that will require running premium octane (the highest octane on the gas pump). This kit does not include a camshaft, which allows you to pick and choose the camshaft that you would like (DCR, Yoshimura, Takegawa, etc), which in turn will also fit into your budget. Bolt on ready, no machine work needed!

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Takegawa S-Stage Standard 181cc big bore kit has all the important elements to achieve higher performance and more power! Since this kit does not come included with a camshaft, this allows you to purchase a performance cam of you desire, whether it'll be Yoshimura, DCR, Takegawa, or another company, the option is there!  


Kit specs and features:

  • Built in oil cooler outlets on the cylinder (Note: Require a special bolt, see PN: TKGWA-1010)
  • Ceramic plated cylinder wall
  • 11.0:1 Compression ratio



Professional installation is highly recommended!

Aftermarket fuel controller and special tune/autotune is required! Likewise with any major engine modification or bore up kits, it's now considered a high-performance race engine, extra attention and steps are needed to maintain a high-performance engine. 



NO WARRANTY ON RACE ENGINE parts or engine bore up kits.  There is no warranty stated or implied due to the unusual stresses placed on these parts and because we have no control over how they are installed and used.  Steady Garage will not be held liable for any failure or damage caused directly or indirectly from use of these products or engine.  The installation and use of these products or engine shall be conclusive evidence that the user assumes full responsibility for any damage caused directly or indirectly by their use.


This product is legal for closed-course competition use only; for racing vehicles (a competition vehicle not used on public highways). Intended for off-road use or race purposes; may not meet regulations of pollution controlled roads or highways. Not legal for vehicles registered and use in California.