Ruck Rack Luggage Rack for Honda Ruckus

Ruck Rack Luggage Rack for Honda Ruckus

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Ruck Rack rear luggage rack for Honda Ruckus. The Ruck Rack is easy to install, will work with most OEM style lowered seat frames, such as ATR, NCY, PasswordJDM, etc, if you have these seat frames and you've shaved the stock tail light bracket, you could simply bolt on the Ruck Rack and go! The Ruck Rack has mounting tabs and brackets that will allow you to mount an integrated R6 taillight onto the rack, which will increase visibility.

11/2/16: PRODUCT UPDATE- The Ruck Rack now has two lower resting/support bars instead of one. You no longer have to shave the stock taillight mount to use the Ruck Rack. All else remains the same.

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Ruck Rack is a easy to install luggage rack for the Honda Ruckus that will provide an location to strap and secure a load (bag, box, etc). This rack is meant for you to put stuff and to secure it down, so you don't risk damaging your nice paint job, FRP gas tank cover, and other custom/aftermarket items you have on your Ruckus. The Ruck Rack has strap and bungee hooks that will allow you to easily tie things down. Powdercoated matte or gloss black for a nice and durable finish!



Will not work with stock rear taillight or if your rear frame still has the OEM tail light bracket.

Will not work with OEM stock seat frame because the rear mounting tabs are not flat. Will not work with Chimera Lowered Seat frames because the seat hinge/bracket is in the way and the seat will no longer open (it will fit if you remove the seat rear seat hinge and if you no longer want the seat to open). Will work perfectly with OEM style lowered seat frames, such as; ATR, PasswordJDM, NCY, Bowls, etc).

  • Built in mounting tabs and brackets for R6 Taillight (R6 Taillight is not included)
  • Optional seat pan for those who would like add the Ruck Rack as an passenger seat
  • Supports up to 150lbs
  • Designed by an American veteran
  • Made in USA