R1 Sequential LED Tail Light

R1 Sequential LED Tail Light

SKU #: MDH-1003
Increase visibility and awareness with this bright LED R1 integrated tail light! Sequential LED with integrated signals.
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Highest quality LED R1 tail light that is available in the market. R1 LED Tail Lights with Integrated Alternating Sequential LED Signals, designed with brake-alert function to increase motorist awareness during your initial braking. Sequential LEDs signal lights will flash in the direction you are turning or merging so there is no confusion which way you are going. A microprocessor is use with an integrated circuit chip (IC) to control all the functions of park, brake, and sequential signals. All IC chips are micro soldered by machine to deliver consistent and reliable solder points. With 18 bright LED's, the R1 tail light will definately be visible to the surrounding motorist.


  • -18 Bright Sequentail LEDs
  • - Built in internal microprocessor for flashing signals
  • - Adjustble lighting effects (could turn on/off the brake alertness functions)
  • - DOT Approved
  • - Highest quality R1 light available on the market!
  • - 6 Month warranty



For Honda Ruckus users:

  • - Some wiring is needed.
  • - LED flasher relay will be needed for the front turn signals to work with the R1 light. 
  • - Underseat tail light bracket is optional, but required to mount the R1 tail light under the seat.