Pro Honda HP Coolant 50/50 Pre Mix 32oz.

Pro Honda HP Coolant 50/50 Pre Mix 32oz.

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Pro Honda HP Coolant 50/50 Pre Mix 32oz.
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Nobody offers a more comprehensive line of motorcycle-specific oils and chemicals than Pro Honda. Developed through the performance and durability testing of professional racing, these Honda motorcycle oil and service products are crafted to the same high exacting standards as your Honda.

  • Exclusive formula developed by Honda R&D.
  • Specifically designed for use in aluminum engines.
  • Uses high-tech organic corrosion inhibitors instead of more commonly used silicate corrosion inhibitors.
  • Unlike silicates, HP Coolant's organic corrosion inhibitors won't gel and cause radiator plugging.
  • They are also more stable for a longer shelf life and don't act as abrasives to mechanical water-pump seals which may cause leaky seals.

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