OTB Prototypes Voodoo Air Intake for Indian Motorcycle Chief

OTB Prototypes Voodoo Air Intake for Indian Motorcycle Chief

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OTB Prototypes Voodoo Air Intake for Indian Motorcycle Chief, Road Master, etc! This was proven over and over again to increase the most airflow for your engine! It has beat all of the intake systems on the market so far! The VooDoo intake kit would fit the stock engine, Stage 1 Big Bore Kits, Stage 2 Big Bore Kits!

For those with the Stage-3 116ci Big-Bore-kits (BBK) OR those who swapped to 60mm throttle body, you must run the BBK version, please choose from the drop-down menu.

There are two things to be aware of when ordering your OTB VooDoo air intake. One is to know which throttle body size you have. The standard 111 motor has a 54mm throttle body. The 116 from the factory will also have a 54mm throttle body unless that has been upgraded. If it has been upgraded to the full 116 Big Bore Kit (BBK) it will have a 60mm throttle body. For the 54mm throttle body order the VooDoo 111. If you have the 60mm throttle body you would order the VooDoo 116 BBK. The second thing to be aware of is that you will need an old-style throttle body support bracket for the 2021-2022 model years. In the USA that part number is 5256600. The new style is larger than the VooDoo and does not fit correctly. Many shops have this old-style bracket but if not you will need to order one from your local Indian dealer or find a used/take-off one that someone may sell on the forums. 


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OTB Voodoo Air Intake is changing everything you thought an air filter should do.

  • More Horse Power
  • Quicker Throttle Response
  • Cooler Air entering the engine
  • Cooler Engine Temperatures
  • REMOVES the burning heat on your right leg pushed out from the motor.
  • Patented Filter Technology filters down below 1 micron while providing more airflow
  • Oil-Free Filter built for the lifetime of your motorcycle.
  • Tuning to your area and environment is required.


Heat Is the Enemy

The OTB Prototypes Intake isolates the intake from the heat generated by the motor delivering cooler air to the motor. In fact, the air entering the throttle body only fluctuates a few degrees from the outside air temperature. Compare that to other intakes that get hotter as the motor gets hotter. That translates into hotter air being pulled into your motor. The OTB Intake also changes airflow characteristics that keep the motor temperature cooler and more consistent. Compare the red line on the chart above to the red line on the chart to the right. You will notice the Voodoo Intake does not spike up and remains about 180 degrees until the bike is parked at the end of the test. The "competition" shown on the chart above heats up as soon as the motor heats up causing more hot air to be pulled into your motor.


Better Air Flow

Better air flow through better design. Air is not an afterthought it is the primary focus on this intake. There are no internal bolts or holes to cause turbulence that would restrict airflow. The internal surfaces are all smooth flowing lines to deliver smooth laminar airflow. The most concentrated, uninterrupted airflow possible.



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