Ohlins Front Fork Damping Kit Honda Grom 125

Ohlins Front Fork Damping Kit Honda Grom 125

SKU #: OHLNS-1001
Ohlins Front Damping Kits for Honda Grom 125 / MSX 125 OEM forks. Ohlins Front Damper kits will completely upgrade the internals of the OEM forks!

The kits that we carry now comes with a higher spring rate than before. The spring rates are now 6.0NM (previously they are included with 5.5NM springs). The stiffer spring rate will improve handling performance in cornering and for everyday riding.

Custom spring rates are available, if you would like a different spring rate to better suit you, please let us know.

9/16/15: Product Update!
The Ohlins' FDK now comes with a stiffer spring that is better suited for heavier riders and racing.
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Ohlins Front Damping Kit for OEM Honda Grom 125/MSX 125 forks! The OEM forks on the Grom 125's are very soft, ideal for street use and daily commuting! However for those who loves the winding road and the race track, upgrading your suspension is a must! The kit comes included with new stiffer fork springs, new cartridges, and new fork caps. Valved to improve suspension feel and response, substantially increasing performance for those who loves to attack the corners or for those who would like to stiffen up their front suspension! Save money by buying what is needed, these will replace the internals of the OEM Honda Grom 125 front forks!


NOTE: Special tools are needed to install the Ohlins Front Damping Kits. Professional installation is highly recommended!


Steady Garage offers the front suspension installation service to the customers front forks. Customers will have to provide a set of Grom forks in order for the Front Damping Kit to be installed. Turn around time is 1-2 weeks, please contact us for scheduling and more information. Shipping must be covered by the customer, both ways.