Neo Synthetics - Keep Cool Coolant Additive

Neo Synthetics - Keep Cool Coolant Additive

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Neo Synthetics Keep Cool coolant additive is ideal for all water cooled engines, for high performance or street use

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NEO Keep Cool is a liquid additive for preventative maintenance and basically consists of a pH stabilizer acid/alkaline balance, an oxygen scavenger to prevent cavitation erosion and pitting, and a lubricant for water pump seals and thermostats. When mixed with water or antifreeze solution it makes the coolant virtually a non-conductor and thus helps to prevent electrolysis. It also has a unique physical-chemistry property for dealing with deposits, be they rust, corrosion or mineral scale.

NEO Keep Cool goes into a system, softens the deposits and then breaks them down by the molecule -- as small as that -- and deforms their natural crystal shape so that they can not recombine and form solids, and holds them in a soft harmless suspension in the water. NEO Keep Cool has an initial cleaning action which is done slowly (90% in 10 days) and safely so as not to disturb the deposits in chunks which could block small passages.

Eventually this cleaning action arrives at the metals, and here it stops because the product is harmless to all metals (including aluminum) and materials in cooling systems. NEO Keep Cool puts an organic barrier on the surfaces that prevents combining with oxygen. It also contains a surfactant: this is a surface-tension breaker which produces improved heat transfer, and is also a preservative.

NEO Keep Cool is compatible with all antifreezes and is superior to water filters and all other water treatments because it provides a complete protection against all the maladies of water systems. NEO Keep Cool is all-organic and bio-degradable, and has passed the government safety tests for human handling so if it gets on skin or in the eyes or mouth, it is non-toxic and non-injurious.

NEO Keep Cool is harmless to paint and metals in the atmosphere. Hard and damaging deposits do not form at water pump glands or other leak points, should they occur.

NEO Keep Cool also has a built-in color strength-indicator and when mixed with water, it becomes milky pink. The pink fades out as the inhibitor is used up. When the pink is nearly gone, add half a dose to maintain safe conditions. When NEO Keep Cool is mixed with antifreeze solution it becomes a milky-whatever-color the antifreeze is, and the milkiness gets weaker as the inhibitor strength becomes depleted. When the milkiness is at half-density, add half a dose to regain safe conditions.

NEO Keep Cool can be used with any water filter, though a chemically charged filter is unnecessary. The old filter may be left in circuit if the system had one before using Keep Cool: it will help to filter out the removed deposits. A system with Keep Cool need not be drained because the suspended contaminants are rendered harmless. However, if the contamination is so heavy (due to the state of the system before the Keep Cool cleaning action) that the color strength indicator cannot be observed, then the system should be drained and flushed and retreated with Keep Cool. A system with expensive antifreeze can be allowed to remain unflushed until spring, provided that more Keep Cool is added to ensure safe conditions from corrosion, electrolysis and deposits.

Key Features:    * For Race and Street Use    * Up To 30 Degree Decrease in Temperature    * Excellent Anti-Corrosion Properties

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