NCY Standard Front Forks Honda Ruckus Metropolitan Grom Z125

NCY Standard Front Forks Honda Ruckus Metropolitan Grom Z125

SKU #: NCY-1031

NCY Standard Front Forks, Honda Ruckus Metropolitan Grom 125 Kawasaki Z125 Pro.

381mm forks are perfect for those needing more suspension travel when the low downs are just too short.

Available in Black or Carbon Fiber.


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NCY Standard Front Forks, direct fit for Honda Ruckus Metropolitan with disc brake conversion or is running the CNC Front Drum Brake Adapter Bracket (PN: RSB-1002).

381mm forks,

Available in Black w/chrome fork tubes or Carbon Fiber w/titanium finished fork tubes.

For Honda Grom and Kawasaki Z125 Pro, additional parts are required to convert the front end to run these Ruckus forks. Please see below for additional needed parts. We also offer mock up service and machine service for the custom spacers that is required. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

  • Fork Adapters (Chimera M24 Fork Adapters: GROM / Z125 Pro)
  • Caliper Bracket (220mm Rotor: P30, PH80, or P34
  • Brake Caliper (P30, PH80, or P34)
  • Cutom Caliper and axle spacers to center everything
  • NOTE: Original front fender would no longer work without special brackets to support it. For Grom's, 2013-2016 may require changing the headlight as the tire might make contact with the OEM headlight housing.