NCY Honda Ruckus Footrest & Chassis Brace

NCY Honda Ruckus Footrest & Chassis Brace

SKU #: NCY-1005
NCY Footrest and chassis brace for Honda Ruckus is a must have when the plastic floor boards are removed! The footrest will allow riding comfort while making the Honda Ruckus chassis more stiff.

Misty Black finish.
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NCY footrest and chassis brace comes included with front pegs! This will allow the rider to relax their foot towards the front, giving the riders more comfort and control! While doing so, the NCY footrest is also a chassis brace, connecting the rear frame to the front frame; reducing chassis flex. The forward peg positions are more desirable for taller riders, which allows the riders to stretch their foot instead of resting it in the center. The footrest also allows riders to strap or secure a small load.