MPAB Foot Brace

MPAB Foot Brace

SKU #: MPAB-1002
MPAB Foot Brace for Honda Ruckus and Honda Metropolitan! A great and simple light weight accent pieces that will allow you to do multiple things with it! Add foot pegs, mount your GPS on there, attached a clamp on cup holder, and much more!
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MPAB foot brace for custom Honda Ruckus or Honda Metropolitan does come with pre-drilled holes so that you could install foldable peg brackets to mount your front pegs. Powder coated semi-gloss black, but feel free to paint it or powder coat it to match the color of your bike!Will fit both Honda Ruckus and Honda Metropolitan (if you decide to keep the factory floorboard on your Honda Ruckus or Honda Metropolitan, then you will need very long screws to secure the brace.


Made in USA!