Kitaco Clutch Cover Kit Honda Grom 125 Monkey 125

Kitaco Clutch Cover Kit Honda Grom 125 Monkey 125

SKU #: KTC-1003

Kitaco Clutch Cover for 2014-2020 Honda Grom 125 and 2019+ Monkey 125! This is one performance upgrade that you do not want to skip out on! The Kitaco Clutch cover kit has a lot of benefits! Aside from dressing up your engine with a new side cover, it features performance enhancement as well as adding a much-needed oil filter to the engine! See below for more information! Available in Gloss Black and Silver! Please see the drop-down menu for availability.




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Kitaco Clutch Cover Kit is an upgrade that we recommend on Honda Grom 125 for many reasons. The redesigned clutch cover has benefits in many different areas, such as:


  • Visible Oil Level Glass, simply see how much oil is in your engine without the need to check the dipstick
  • Oil Cooler Ready! The cover has built-in oil cooler ports that flow correctly
  • Eliminates the heavy oil spinners, it reduces rotational weight/mass on the engine, resulting in improved throttle response and performance
  • Added Oil Filter- Extend oil and engine life by filtering the engine oil with an actual oil filter. The Grom is a wet-clutch engine, we mean the clutch is sharing the same oil as the engine so all the clutch debris and particle will be in the engine. The Grom does not have a great oil filtration system, so this clutch cover will fix that! 
  • Great looking cover!


Kit Content:

  • Side Cover
  • Oil Filter (already installed)
  • Gasket and O-Rings
  • Oil Spinner Pass-Through Nut (takes place of oil spinner)
  • Plugs and kit hardware


  • 2014-2020 Honda Grom 125
  • 2019+ Honda Monkey 125



  • Oil spinner tools will be required to remove the oil spinner prior to installation.
  • Please note on the Instructions Step 11. Make sure you look at Fig.10 and remove the Small Dowel as it will NOT be needed. Failure to remove this dowel may result in Crankcase damage.
  • Professional installation is recommended.



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