MOTO-D "Pro-Series" S/T Pitbike 12" Motorcycle Tire Warmers Honda Grom Kawasaki Z125

MOTO-D "Pro-Series" S/T Pitbike 12" Motorcycle Tire Warmers Honda Grom Kawasaki Z125

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 MOTO-D "Pro-Series" S/T Pitbike 12" Motorcycle Tire Warmers

 Includes spandex side skirt, carbon wire technology, 2-year use warranty.

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Fits Honda Grom 125, Kawasaki Z125, Benelli TNT135, Lifan KP Mini 125, SSR Razkull 125, or any minibike using 12” tires like Mitas MC35,Kenda KD1, and Dunlop TT93.

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Unlike other tire warmers which use soft copper wiring which becomes brittle when hot and quickly deteriorates, "Pro-Series" Warmers use Carbon Wiring which can be twisted or crushed without failure. MOTO-D "Pro-Series" Motorcycle Tire Warmers 1) Heat the Tire Internally to the Rim, 2) Heat Faster using Carbon Wire, 3) Include a Zippered EVA Carry Case, and 4) Feature a Two (2) Year "No Hassle" USA Warranty. When you add it all up it's the smartest tire warmer investment on the market. Used by Top Rides in MotoAmerica, CCS, WERA, KTM Redbull Rookies Cup, Macau GP, and Top Trackday Organizations including Team Promotion, 2WTD, New York Safety Track, Legacy Trackdays and more.

Tire warmers are a must for race day to ensure your tires are at the optimum temperature the engineers designed them for. Tire warmers can even extend the life of trackday tires by reducing the number of heat cycles. Get the maximum grip and consistent performance from your tires by using the MOTO-D "Pro-Series" or RISE Trackday Pro motorcycle tire warmers.

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