Gojin Dress Up Washer and Bolt Kit Honda Ruckus

Gojin Dress Up Washer and Bolt Kit Honda Ruckus

SKU #: GJ-1007
Gojin 54pc Dress Up Washers and Bolts set! All the little details will matter on your Ruckus, don't skip this detail!

Limited colors available, please see drop down menu.
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Complete Honda Ruckus Dress Up Washer and Bolt kit! Replace all of those ugly OEM bolts with new fresh stainless steel bolts and anodized aluminum washers!


Kits includes:

Stainless Steel Bolts

  • - 4x Main Frame Bolts
  • - 4x Battery Box Bolts
  • - 4x Gas Tank Cover Bolts
  • - 4x Luggage Pan Bolts
  • - 6x Seat Frame Bolts
  • - 3x Headlight Bracket Bolts
  • - 2x Side Headlight Frame Bolts


Aluminum Washers

  • - 4x Main Frame Washers
  • - 4x Battery Box Washers
  • - 4x Gas Tank Cover Washers
  • - 4x Luggage Pan Washers
  • - 6x Seat Frame Washers
  • - 3x Headlight Bracket Washers
  • - 2x Side Headlight Frame Washers