Feign Blaster Ignition System Unlimited CDI

Feign Blaster Ignition System Unlimited CDI

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First of its type in the scooter industry, the Feign Blaster ignition system is highly recommended for those who wants the best performance out of their 2 or 4 stroke engines. Simple to install and highly effective, Feign Blaster ignition system will work for any engine that uses a simply magneto and pickup sensor ignition. Will work with Honda Ruckus, Honda Metropolitan, Honda Elite, Yamaha Zuma 50, and more!

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Feign Blaster Ignition system will simplify your ignition by eliminating the spark plug wire & coil as well your 'existing' CDI box. Feign Blaster is a standalone CDI unit with a built in coil that will give the device full control of your ignition timing. Increasing bottom end and top end, the Blaster will allow your engine to rev as high as you want, allowing you to push it to the full potential. Not only will the Feign Blaster simplify your ignition system and derestrict your engine revs, but it will also increase the power of spark duration and applies the ignition's full power. Don't let the colors fool you, the Blaster is easy to install and easy to maintain as it's shock and waterproof, you could mount it anywhere you like! Will work with any engine that has a stator/magneto (both AC and DC type) and a pick up sensor (two or four strokes scooter engines or single cylinder motorcycle engines).


Easy to install with 3 wires

1. Ignition pick up wire (directly from the stator pick up) or RPM Tach

2. 12v DC power from switched power

3. Ground



  • -RPM Tach gauge is highly recommended for the rider visually montior their engine RPM to prevent overreving, which may be detremental to the engine.
  • -For Honda GET 50cc engines, do NOT rev the engine with the wheel off the ground (no engine load), you may overrev the engine and cause the valve shim to fly off from the retainer. Unlike typical Ruckus or Metropolitan CDI's, such as POSH, NCY, or Kitaco; the Blaster doesn't need the existing spark plug coil or have risk of damaging your ECU or electric start if insalled incorrectly. 
  • -Tuning may be required.
  • -Spark output is very high, keep hands away while the ignition is on.

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