DSRB Type Custom Grom 125 Seat Diamond Stitch Red/Black

DSRB Type Custom Grom 125 Seat Diamond Stitch Red/Black


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DSRB Type complete custom seat for Honda Grom 125 / MSX 125! Custom diamond red stitching with black vinyl! OEM Shape.

Fits 1st Generation Grom 2014-2016

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  This seat unit, is complete and ready to be installed. Simply, remove the stock unit and replace with this seat! Keep the original as spare!       Color :     
  • -Red Stitching in Diamond pattern
  • -Smooth Black vinyl on the sides
  • -Texture top black vinyl

Original rubber padding from original seat will need to be transferred to the new seat. 


Note: These seats are 100% aftermarket. The seat base (plastic lower) is molded similar to the OEM seat base, however the fitment is not 100% the same. The fitment is close and ideal, but please keep in mind that it’s not OEM fitment. Much like any aftermarket plastic molded parts, it will work, function, and fit the way that it should, but some gaps are expected.