Dry Break Female Receiver Valve

Dry Break Female Receiver Valve

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Dry Break female receiver valve, similar to IMS, Clarke, and RedHead. Retrofit your OEM gas tank or build your own to accept a Dry Break receiver and reduce refill times! Dry Break fuel system will refill a 4 gallon gas tank within seconds! Stop fiddling around with unscrewing or unlocking your gas cap during a race, speed up pit-stops with a dry break!
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There are many benefits to retrofit the gas tank on your race vehicle to use a Dry Break system.

  • Safety: Refueling is much safer because it reduces the chances of spillage. Once the dump can is closed, it's sealed.
  • Speed: It'll take roughly 7 seconds to refuel a 4 gallon gas tank, there is no need to fiddle around with unscrewing or unlocking gas caps. 

This receiver valve will work perfectly with Chimera Dry Break Receiver Weld On Flange (CH-1086).


Note: Professional installation is required.Other components such as dump can and male probe are all sold separately. Gas tank customization and modification service is available, please contact us for information.


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