Composimo Slimline Keyless Gas Cap - Honda Ruckus Metropolitan

Composimo Slimline Keyless Gas Cap - Honda Ruckus Metropolitan

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Composimo Slimline Keyless Gas Cap - Honda Ruckus and Metropolitan.
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The 'SlimLine' Gas Cap from ComposiMo Fabrication for your Honda Ruckus! 

This ONE-PIECE cap eliminates the need for a key, and therefore allows us to manufacture a cap that is extremely low profile, and hugs the tank nicely! Not only that, but it gives that AWESOME finished look that you want for any show bike! 

The cap is manufactured from one solid chunk of Billet Aluminum! It takes a LOT longer to manufacture it this way, but it produces a very clean design, and less to have to worry about and assemble! 

One very cool thing about using this cap, is if you want to know your exact fuel level while at a stop light, you don't have to shut your bike off to use your key to open the tank! Keep your bike running, and check it in an instant!

This cap uses the gasket, spring, 'latch ring', and 'cup' from the underside of your stock gas cap! That means it'll seal, and fit just like OEM! 

The cap has a very small vent hole that protrudes to the underside of the OEM spring-cap, so it can still vent the fumes just like the stock cap! (***If you fill your tank TOO full, and tip the bike on its side, there is a chance of a small amount of fuel to come out of the hole! Please be cautious!***)

Clean up your ride with this EPIC gas cap for your Honda Ruckus! 


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