Complete Bolt On Oil Cooler Kit Honda Grom 125

Complete Bolt On Oil Cooler Kit Honda Grom 125

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Bolt-on Oil Cooler kit for Honda Grom 125! Will work with Kitaco clutch covers or big bore cylinders with oil ports. An oil cooler is highly recommended to keep the engine temperature down by using the engine oil to transfer temperature!
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On air-cooled engines, having a oil cooler will serve many benefits! This TB oil cooler kit will help keep the engine oil cooler, which in turn would reduce the engine temperature. This would help with the life of the engine! This oil cooler kit was designed to work with the big bore cylinders with ports on the cylinder such as the Koso,TP Racing, Kitaco and many more. The oil cooler was designed to mount on the head. Longer oil lines will be needed if you plan to use the ports on the clutch cover instead.


NOTE: Will only work in conjunction with big-bore cylinders that has oil ports on the side OR with the Kitaco clutch cover. It will not work if your engine is 100% stock as there are no ports to tap into for the oil lines.

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