Chimera Thermal Intake Manifold Insulator/Riser Yamaha Zuma 125

Chimera Thermal Intake Manifold Insulator/Riser Yamaha Zuma 125

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Cooler intake air doesn't always come from a cold air intakes!

Chimera Thermal insulated intake manifold riser for Yamaha Zuma 125 engines. Made from a special material that transfers minimum heat! This allows for cooler air temperature and a much safer operation! The Chimera Large Port intake manifold riser will allow correct fitment and usage any large performance intake manifolds and throttle bodies onto a Zuma 125 engine. Cooler air means more power!
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Chimera Thermal Insulated large port intake manfold riser will allow you to install any high performance throttle bodies or manifolds. Chimera Thermal riser is made from a special material that will transfer very minimum heat, which is ideal for more power on fuel injected engines. The riser has a 31mm opening that will allow better air flow to the engine; modifying the OEM one is no longer needed! Chimera Thermal riser will also extend the life of the fuel injector. One method of reducing the intake air temperature is to install a cold air intake. However, another method is to reduce the heat conduction from the hot engine to the intake manifold by thermally separating the two. 



  • Rise: 6mm
  • Port opening: 31mm


Throughout the years, we've built numerous high performance Zuma 125 engines, from simple 155cc to 280+cc. This item is a must for those running a upgrade intake manfold, such as Koso.

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