Chimera 26mm Bored Out USDM Throttle Body Honda Grom 125

Chimera 26mm Bored Out USDM Throttle Body Honda Grom 125

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Chimera 26mm bored out OEM throttle body for Honda Grom 125! Increase air flow! Great for those with cam, head work, BBK, and internal engine work! OEM sensors included! Could be used with existing air box, intakes, or air filter!

Unlike the TDM bored out throttle bodies, Chimera throttle bodies are USDM throttle bodies that has been machined with new 2mm larger butterfly plate and also increased bore! OEM stock size is 24mm, Chimera is 26mm! The idle control valve is still intact! No rough cold start idle!
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Chimera 26mm bored out OEM throttle body for Honda Grom 125! Highly recommended to those with BBK, performance cam, and head work! Chimera throttle bodies has new larger 26mm butterfly plate and the whole throttle body has been machined 2mm larger! A true bored out throttle body!



For those with an stock USDM throttle body laying around, we offer store credit of $30 if you would like to send them in! Please send it to the provide address below! Be sure to include your contact information (name, phone #, email) so that we could contact you and send you a voucher for the store credit. Throttle body must be in good working order and undamaged. All sensors must be intact.

Voucher does not expire and it could be used anytime! It's non-transferrable.


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