ARacer RC Mini4C Stage 1 Adjustable ECU Honda CBR250R CBR300R CB300F Rebel 300

ARacer RC Mini4C Stage 1 Adjustable ECU Honda CBR250R CBR300R CB300F Rebel 300

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Aracer RC Mini4C ECU will completely replace the the OEM ECU on the Honda CBR 250R! This is not a piggyback ECU, the RC Mini4C completely removes the OEM ECU! This will eliminate all of the issues that would occur with the OEM CBR250R CBR300R CB300F Rebel 300 ECU, giving you full control of how the engine will run without any worries of random changes that typically occurs with a piggyback ECU. Adjustments could be made without a laptop or other external devices. The RC Mini4C is 100% plug and play, no wiring needed!

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ARacer RC Mini4C Stage 1 is a simple ECU system that allows you to make adjustments on the fly. Pair this up with the correct fuel injector size and you could easily tune your engine to run.   Tuning could be done on a dyno (highly recommended) or safely on a backroad/street using a wideband o2 gauge and sensor. Set the Channel B to recommended settings based on engine displacement, then fine tune with Channel C and D.    ARacer RC Mini4C features:
  • Direct plug and play, Only wiring needed is connect the power wire to the battery!
  • Completely eliminates the OEM ECU, not a piggyback system
  • 4 channel adjustable (built-in Switches). Adjustment could be done without a laptop or other external devices 
  • Rev-Limiter adjustable or completely remove the rev-limiter (requires special iLink Calibration data cable and laptop for this adjustment, please see related item for data cable)
  • Ignition Timing Adjustable (advance or retard spark angle in all range)
  • Baro  compensation
  • Temperature compensation
  • IP67 Waterproof Level


4 Channels:

  • Channel A- Timing Adjustment: Advance or Retard spark angle in all range
  • Channel B- Needle Jet: Adjust for "overall" mapping
  • Channel C- Pilot Jet: Fuel Adjustments under 30%
  • Channel D- Main Jet: Fuel Adjustements over 70%
  Optional items are available! Please see related items below!