ARacer Mini Tune Real Time Control Module

ARacer Mini Tune Real Time Control Module

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Aracer Mini Tune Control Module. This is the control module used for your Aracer MinPlus ECU. Together you can control the fuel mapping of your bike. Simple, Handy and effectively tune your bike.

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ARacer Mini Tune Control Module system that allows you to make adjustments on the fly on your Aracer Mini Plus ECU. Pair this up with the correct fuel injector size and you could easily tune your engine to run.   Tuning could be done on a dyno (highly recommended) or safely on a backroad/street using a wideband o2 gauge and sensor. There is no need to plug a laptop to tune as all the tuning is done via the hand held Mini Tune Control Module.   You must have a Aracer Mini Plus ECU in order to use this device.   MINITune Real-Time Tuner 

Professional Calibration Tool Box MINITune

  1. 2D Fuel adjustable
  2. 2D Ignition timing adjustable
  3. Acceleration and fuel cut adjustable
  4. Released & adjust engine speed limited
  5. It had embedded 5 default maps and also can be have 4 maps record
  6. Over 20 engine variables can be monitored
  7. Support "Close Loop Fuel Compensation" with aRacer AF1 wideband AFR sensor module
  8. Plug and play, Water resistant and scratch proof panel design
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