ARacer DG1 and AF1 Wideband AFR Module Combo

ARacer DG1 and AF1 Wideband AFR Module Combo

SKU #: ASG-1007
Aracer DG1 and AF1 Wideband AFR Module Combo! Comes with everything you need to display how your engine is running or to run autotune on ARacer RC1, RC2, and RCMini Plus ECU!

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ARacer DG1 and AF1 Combo kit features:    
  1.  Professional Air Fuel Ratio Module AF1
  • High accuracy and high speed response
  • It can be realized "Close Loop Fuel Compensation" with RC1, RC2, RCMINI Plus ECU
  • No need to calibration, just plug and play
  • BOSCH wideband oxygen sensor included
 2.  Multi-Function Display DG-1
  • It can be shown wideband AFR, battery voltage and timer function with AF1
  • Extendable sensor modules in the feature: exhaust pipe temp. coolant temp. boot pressure...etc
  • OLED all day viewable display and scratch proof panel design
  • 3 color LED highlight, alarm condition setting
  • It is suitable for all motorcycle models (universal mounting)