Antigravity Batteries YTZ-5 Honda Grom MSX 125 Kawasaki Z125 Pro

Antigravity Batteries YTZ-5 Honda Grom MSX 125 Kawasaki Z125 Pro

Antigravity YTZ7-4 is a 4 cell Lithium battery that produces 150 cranking amp power! This battery is the same size as the OEM YTZ-5 batteries! Total weight for this 4-cell battery is less than 1 pound! Replace your existing battery and save weight! Directly replace/upgrade for Honda Grom 125, custom built cafe racer, classic bikes, race bikes, race cars, and other bikes that uses YTZ-5 size batteries.
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The Antigravity YTZ-5 Lithium Motorsports Battery is a direct replacement in size for the Lead/Acid YTZ5 or YTX5L found in many bikes including many bikes like the new Kawasaki Z125 Pro and Honda Grom 125.   It is an extremly lightweight replacement for the standard YTZ-5 and offer almost twice the starting performance and power of other similar lead/acid or other lithium batteries of this size




  • -Direct drop in Nano-Phospahte Lithium replacement for OEM Lead/Acid YTZ7S
  • -Ultra Light wieght saves 3 pounds over Lead/Acid
  • -Can hold a charge up to a year provided there are no ”Parasitic Drains” (accessories that draw power when the bike is off…such as alarms, ECUs, ipods, GPS , heated grips etc…)
  • -Built in the USA to high quality standards with unbreakable terminal design.
  • -3-Year Warranty—-check manufactures website for details  (
    Best uses
  • -Capable of every day use in bikes up to 250cc
  • -Race use for Enduro and MX electric start bikes up to 450cc.
  • -Race and Track Day use in inline 4 cylinder 600cc sport bikes- (If you have a higher-performance motor choose the Antigravity AG1201)
  • -Custom builds like cafe racers or small bore customs up to 500cc.   (Please note if you own an older classic bikes from mid 1980s and earlier you should update the charging sytems to a modern voltage regulator if you have the older style system with a voltage regulator. Damaged voltage regulator can over charge and damage lithium batteries)
    Technical Details
  • 150 Cranking Amps
  •  6Ah (PB Eq)



Dimensions and Weight

  • USA SIZE (LxWxH)  4.5" x 2 3/4" x 4-1/8"      (Height is measured to the top of the terminal bolt heads) 
  • USA WEIGHT     15 oz
  • METRIC SIZE  113mm Length  x 70mm  Depth x 105mm  (Height is measured to the top of the terminal bolt heads)    


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