BikeMaster 750mA Battery Charger/Maintainer
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BikeMaster 750mA Battery Charger/Maintainer

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    BikeMaster 750mA Battery Charger/Maintainer

    BikeMaster 750mA Battery Charger/Maintainer

    • Keep all of your 12-Volt lead acid batteries charged and running with this 750mA battery charger / maintainer. The BikeMaster charger / maintainer 750mA is perfect for keeping all of your 12-Volt lead acid batteries in top condition, including conventional acid batteries (wet), factory activated maintenance-free batteries (FA), absorbed glass mat maintenance-free batteries (AGM) and gel batteries (gel electrolyte).
    • The charger is fully automatic with reverse polarity, overcharge and short circuit protection. It will bulk charge at a constant 750mA rated current output until the battery is fully charged (13.6-Volts ±0.2-Volts) and then the charger automatically switches to maintenance mode. When in maintenance mode, the battery is constantly monitored. If the battery voltage falls below 12.8-Volts ±0.2-Volts, the bulk charge mode will restart to charge the battery at a constant 750mA until ful
    • The charger / maintainer comes with a five-year warranty.
    • Includes color-coded alligator clip leads and color-coded fuse-protected quick disconnect battery terminal leads for your safety
    ⚠ WARNING: California Proposition 65