Back when we started steady garage in 2012, we never would have thought that Honda would choose us to build them a custom 6th Generation Honda Gold Wing GL1800. Needless to say, the stakes are high and the opportunity means a lot to us. Honda was very specific on what they wanted to see and meeting their expectations meant appealing to both the kids and OG riders. With a tight deadline to unveil it at Daytona Bike Week 2019, the team came together to start the build on our “Cool Wing” that would be appreciated by riders of all ages, interests, and backgrounds.

At the time of the build, we had no point of reference.. No other custom GL1800 Gold Wings to guide us or even confirm that our ideas would work. Furthermore we had no room for error or any spare parts as the GL1800 was a brand new bike! It wasn’t until we started dismantling the bike that we even realized how big the GL1800 was. For those who have never been around a touring bagger motorcycle, the Gold Wing is a huge bike! Honda did a great job with the weight and overall balance of the bike, making it feel much smaller than it actually is. After performing the teardown, there were 20+ panels and individual parts that needed to prepped for paint and with everything under the panels being engineered to fit precisely and perfectly, finding space for custom work and parts presented an additional challenge.


In terms of the design, we aimed for stylish and “cool” without losing the original lines and form. Preserving the aggressive design language of the Gold Wing while adding a Steady touch was a priority.

The paint job was a custom mix that Edgar from Maxima Imagen helped us achieve, matching the rendering that our Art Director, Francis Clemente provided. With help from our friend Roger from Rogelio’s Auto Upholstery we created a heavily redesigned seat that is slimmed down for a lower seating position. The seat itself is also fitted with gel padding and a vibration device from the added Cub Blind Spot Detection System. The two radar sensors that you see on each side of the license plate are also from the Cub Blind Spot Detection system, which is a great add-on for safety and for better traffic maneuvering.

“The lower the altitude, the higher the attitude”

The first impression is always the lasting one, the saying goes. The design and engineering on the original double-wishbone front suspension were truly radical and innovative for it’s time and pushed us to think outside the box. We wanted to give our “Cool Wing” more attitude by building a custom air ride suspension system using Platinum Air Suspension Bleed Feed shocks. After a lot of testing and multiple fittings, we were able to lift the bike to a good ride height that would fully lay out with the press of a few switches

The bag space on the Cool Wing was dressed up with custom-made panels and door cards wrapped with the same Hazel Brown vinyl as the saddle. To further tie everything together, the inside of the bags were also painted to match the Cool Blue paint on the rest of the bike. For air supply, Viair supplied us with a 380c air compressor and Dirty Air built us 2 custom stainless steel tanks for air storage. Lastly we built a custom gauge and switch panel which houses two dual needle Viair Air Gauges and toggle switches that control the suspension settings.

In a nutshell; this big bike has definitely raised the bar for all our future builds. From the design to the very last screw, we made sure this build was going to be perfect. Moving forward, stay tuned for more of our custom projects and “stay steady.”



Electrical Connection Cylinder Head Covers (Steady Garage Customized Edition)

TBR Two Brothers Racing Comp S Slip On Exhaust System


Platinum Air Suspension Bleed Feed Shocks (Steady Garage Customized)

Viair Corp 380c Air Compressor

Viair Corp Dual Needle Air Gauges

Dirty Air Custom Stainless Steel Air Tanks

Steady Garage Custom Air Center Stand

Steady Garage Custom Air Ride Control System

Steady Garage Custom Gauge and Switch Panel


Cub Blind Spot Detection System for Motorcycles

Electrical Connection Foglight Kit – Amber Color (Steady Garage Custom Fit, Flush Mount)

Electrical Connection Foglight Reconfiguration Harness

Electrical Connection Superflash LED Brake Light Modulator

Lexin Moto LED Accent Light Kit

Steady Garage LED Saddle Bag Light System


Mooneyes x Steady Garage Front Disc Covers

Mooneyes x Steady Garage Rear Disc Cover


Custom Cool Blue paint job and scallop linework by Edgar from Maxima Imagen

Custom seat upholstery work by Roger from Rogelio’s Auto Upholstery

Steady Garage x Rogelio’s Auto Upholstery Bag Panels and Door Cards

Steady Garage custom front suspension covers

Steady Garage custom rear grab handle

Chimera Engineering Foot Pegs for Honda Rebel (Steady Garage Custom Fitted)

Steady Garage Custom Modified Front Fender

American Honda Motor Co., Inc, Chris Cox, Colin Miller, John Hall. Edgar & Anthony @ Maxima Imagen, Roger @ Rogelios Auto Upholstery, Lewis @ Electrical Connection, Mike @ Platinum Air, Glenn Nash @ Arnott Air Suspension, Augustin Leung @ CUB Group, Ryan Morgan @ Viair, Chico Kodama @ Mooneyes.