Speed Valve Lapping Tool Universal
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Speed Valve Lapping Tool Universal

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    Speed valve lapping tool is universal for most size valves! Makes lapping/seating valves to the head much quicker as this tool allows you to use a drill to do it! This would eliminate the old technique of the "stick" lapping tool, which is painfully slow, especially if you're lapping a 16 valve head! The springs would allow the valve to twist and move around as you're spinning it with a drill! Cut the valve lapping process down, saving time! Perfect for engine builders!


    Easy to use Speed Valve Lapping Tool! Universal as it comes with different size lock springs, which would open up slightly larger to fit most common size valves for engines. Once the spring is paired with the valve, the drill chuck would attached to the spring pin, which would allow you to use the drill and speed up the valve seating/lapping process! The old method was using the "stick" lapping tool, which the stick tool would spin in-between both hands in a fire starting motion. With the speed Valve Lapping Tool, you no longer need to do that!


    Comes included with extra replacement lock springs. Perfect for engine builders!

    Each spring is a different size and if the valve size is in-between the spring size, go with the smaller one and unwind the spring slightly to fit the valve stem. It fits 50cc-250cc engine valves. 
    1x 5.6mm
    1x 5.4mm
    1x 5.29mm
    1x 5.15mm
    1x 4.75mm
    ⚠ WARNING: California Proposition 65 www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.