Our Story

Our love for gasoline culture is undeniable… sometimes even obsessive.  For most of us, it’s molded our childhood. For some, it’s a fire that will burn for the rest of our lives.  From our first set of hot wheels, to our first set of tools; we can all relate to this growing obsession. A useful obsession to say the least. It taught us to pay attention to the details, maintain a standard level of aesthetic and care, and even practice the art of patience.  At the end of the day, this ‘love’ has truly made its mark on all our lives.

Rewind back to 2011; the vision for Steady Garage was pitched, and soon became a reality in 2012.  We all carried this deeply rooted love for the culture, so we knew Steady Garage had to represent that.  Steady Garage had to be more than just a service, but an experience.

Fortunately with your support, the story of Steady Garage goes on.  Until we close the book, lets do it till the wheels fall off.