Born Rebel: Honda Rebel 300 and Rebel 500 Unveiling Night


As we inch towards 2017, introducing a new, redesigned motorcycle may be the best event a moto’ manufacture could do to end the year, and go full throttle into the next! With the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows (IMS) taking place in Long Beach this weekend, the timing couldn’t be better! Sit back and enjoy as we share with you, what took place during the Honda Global Reveal of the all-new 2017 Honda Rebel 300 and Rebel 500!




Above photos courtesy of Honda.

It’s been a few years since we’ve made a trek to Long Beach to hangout.  We were pleased to find that the venue was going to be at the Federal Bar on Pine Street, a neighborhood that LBC has been revamping for the last decade and the cities effort does not disappoint, it’s a very nice area to be in. Coming along with us are our friends Jensen and Chris from Nor-Cal. They were in town to visit and to get some tuning done to their fully built Honda Grom’s. Upon arrival, we checked in with the gentlemen at the door, only to find out they only allow 3 guests for RSVP. But after a phone call, we got the OK for our friends to join in on the reveal. Stepping down to the floor below, we found ourselves in dope basement room, it turns out to be a retired vault room that was turned into a bar. We peaked over to the left to find black sheets hiding two motorcycles. At this point we have zero clues about what bike(s) were going to be revealed. We all took a wild guess; maybe a Grom Scrambler?! No wait, it’s too tall to be a Mini-Moto; perhaps the new CBR300RR? We held our guesses and continued towards the snack table and to the bar. The great So-Cal traffic got us thirsty and hungry, what typically would be a 30 minute drive, turned into a hour drive.

After a round of drinks, Honda played the introduction video on the screens as the crowd migrated over to the main stage. They made the announcement and it was the all new Honda Rebel 300 and Rebel 500! Quite honestly, we couldn’t’ see the bike as they were pulling the covers off, the crowd was dense towards the front and the video showed many quick and short burst of the bike. The designers and the main people behind the project were sharing the objective and benefits about the Rebel. Once we got the chance to peak at the bike, the first thing that Jensen said was “A Rebel?!?” I responded with “it’s meant to be customized and chopped up!” to reassure him the Honda knew what they were doing. I knew after looking at the frame, this bike was designed to be modified and customized with ease! I was already thinking about all of the rad things we could do to it and that the short rear frame hoop was already done… from factory! The most common mod that a lot of Rebel owners did on the previous chassis, was already done, designed and built-in from factory! We were stoked. The days of bobbing the frame and adding a rear hoop to finish off the rear section of the frame after removing the rear sub-frame was over. Genius design from Honda!

To get the attendees even more excited; shortly after the unveiling, Honda rolled out two custom built Rebels out from the vault. Both were designed and built by the HRA team, each showing completely unique and attractive styles. At this point, this confirmed everyone’s confident of the 2017 Rebel, it’s going to be a huge hit, much like the Grom! Honda’s objective of creating a fun, customize-able, and self-expressing motorcycle was fully satisfied. It’s a #BornRebel.

The crowd went crazy over the custom Rebel’s, it really got the room going!steadygarage_2017hondarebel10


The P-40 Honda Rebel built and designed by HRA.steadygarage_2017hondarebel5

The Rebel X designed and built by HRA.steadygarage_2017hondarebel12

Aviator Nation founder Paige Mycoskie on the mic giving everyone a brief intro about her company and the custom Rebel that she did.steadygarage_2017hondarebel15



The Honda Rebel revel event was spectacular! Open bar and food plates going around to ensure that everyone is enjoying the night. Here’s a toast to Honda!


From left to right: (Big) Chris, Jimmy, and Jensen.


Jensen couldn’t help it, he sneaked on the bike to get a feel, total ice breaker! The seating position was comfortable, as you could see, Jensen’s feet dropped straight down and the mid-mounted pegs were perfectly placed. On the P-40 Project, it had Woodcraft Clip-on handlebars, that allowed the rider to have nice and comfortable position with a neutral reach to the bars. We were ready to take it out and cruise the boulevard. steadygarage_2017hondarebel2

Great food, drinks, live music, art, and a rad new bike.steadygarage_2017hondarebel1

Here’s the crew talking to Garrett Kai about all the ideas that we have on the bike.steadygarage_2017hondarebel4


Honda did a terrific job on the 2017 Honda Rebel. It represents self-expression and individuality, giving riders (new or experienced) a blank canvas to get creative and build their Rebel however they imagined. Like the Honda Ruckus and Grom, the Rebel has a raw, naked, and straightforward minimalist styling, which beg riders to customize and build it.

Just to give you some ideas of how creative you could get with the Rebel; here are some rendering and concepts.




Last call. steadygarage_2017hondarebel3

The new Rebel’s are fitted with liquid-cooled engines that are also found on the CBR300R and the CBR500R, which are proven engines to perform. We also liked the fact that the Rebel was chain driven and that the swing arm was made with round tubing, a rare feature now days. For tall (and large) riders who are worried that the 2017 Rebel may be tight, don’t be quick to judge as we know very tall people who rides the Ruckus’ and the Grom’s, we’re sure you’ll be fine! The new Rebel would be available in April, 2017, tentative pricing range from $4,399 (Rebel 300) to $5,999 (Rebel 500). We can’t wait to get our hands on one!

For more information about the Rebel, click here: Honda Powersports- REBEL.

By now, if you live in So-Cal, you may have seen and had the chance to sit on the new Rebel’s if you attended the International Motorcycle Show.

Here are a few photos we snapped with an iPhone during IMS.




honda-rebel-p-40-3sm honda-rebel-p-40-1-sm honda-rebel-p-40-2

Above photos courtesy of Honda.

honda-rebel-x-1sm honda-rebel-x-2sm honda-rebel-x-3sm

Above photos courtesy of Honda.

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