Frankie’s 02 Honda Met with Candii Marie


IMG_2257When asked to do a write up about Blue Dream, I was flattered and immediately began to brainstorm about the bike and the progress to get it to where it is today. I first want to say thank you to Steady Garage, who has been my choice in parts, fabrication, and customization since its infancy and I’m proud to say they have helped me achieve my dream builds. They have never let me down and I have met some cool people affiliated with their shop and the scooter community. Second, thanks to Mike W. Aka “Tooqwikpix,” for the interest and time spent taking some exceptional photos of my #BlueDreamMet. This process as a whole has been fun and has led to some good times in the SoCal scooter community. So here is a brief timeline, highlighting some of the choice parts on this Blue Dream Met.


I originally fell in love with the Honda Metropolitan back in 2012, after my Honda Ruckus Build. Those in the community know that the two-wheel scene can be an addicting hobby to say the least. The Ruckus has an engine swap, is fast-aggressive looking and definitely serves its purpose as a neck breaker and fun machine. However, I became inspired by the 2012 custom Honda Metropolitan named “LaDonna” that was built by Kevin Dunn and those at Steady Garage. It was such an aesthetically pleasing and fun looking bike with its simple and clean lines. I had been looking for a Honda Metropolitan so I can ideally have an extra bike for others to ride, and eventually customize it to my liking. What drew me to the bike were its mellow “scoopy” lines, comfortable-easy GET 50cc engine, and exquisite gas mileage it makes a great scooter to start with.


Like many others, I began my search for my Metro on sites like Craigslist, eBay, Offer Up, ETC. I found the scooter in Los Angeles, CA and got it for a steal! I immediately began to ride it, as-is, and got to enjoy the simplicity and reliability of Honda’s GET 50cc engine. I am a bigger guy, so it was SLOW AS F**K, but was perfect for rides to the gym, market, and around town! I let my friends ride, and they light up with a smile every time. I began to do my homework on the Metropolitan for possible performance upgrades, and the other custom Mets out there.


I wanted to give this Metropolitan scooter a complete face-lift and go all out on this build. After performing all the beneficial performance mods such as air filter, jetting, variator, weights, CDI and belt, I wanted to get the color theme going on. I wanted to go somewhere like the Tiffany Blue, or Mint Color, but there are a lot of JDM cars and Rucks that hold that color already. I decided to go with an Aqua Marine Turquoise with some moderate metallic flake, which makes it shine like a legit custom build. The bike was originally supposed to be one solid color, however, complications during the paint process forced me to either wait longer, or purchase a new OEM white fairing. So, I decided to go with OEM white and make it a two-tone scooter; which added some very nice contrast to the build.


Next up, I wanted to focus on footwork and knew exactly what I wanted to do. Inspired by the “La Donna” build by Steady Garage, I decided to go with a 12×7 Douglas Polished Dish to give this bike some booty! With a matching Chimera 10×2.15 polished Dish rim in the front, the lady or gentleman who rides this bike can maintain their appearance, always making sure that they look their best, by checking their reflection either end of this ride.


It was not difficult deciding on an exhaust for this build. The early Ruckus built by Ming L. and those at Standard Functions in 2008 inspired the exhaust choice. “Maggie May” is a legend in the ruckus community, if you don’t know “Maggie” then do your homework, as this was one of the OG’s in the SoCal Ruckus scene. With its chameleon paint job, exquisite construction, and head turning ability it was a no brainer to go with same Honda’s Monkey “Chimney Exhaust” to add some serious JDM Flair and custom style. I wanted to add a custom piece to the Metro so I decided to look into the bobber/ rat rod scene and collect some inspiration. Eventually, after looking at a few bobbers and old rat rods I found the SoCal style piece that I was looking for. A “STOP” light, or a taillight that reads, “STOP”, was the taillight of choice and added a pleasant mixture of attitude to this scoot.


There are a lot of things on this bike that help your eye move, such as, the custom seat cover from Cheeky Seats that gives the bike a warm vintage feel. The ankle biter from Composimo, that gives the whole left side of the bike and transmission some serious appearance upgrades. The MPAB Swan Bars which gives the bike a clean, sharp, and simple look. This scooter has a pleasant mixture of custom parts and fabrication, which makes it appealing to all, guy or girl, old or young, automobile or motorcycle enthusiast. I ‘am very pleased with the way this scooter came out. It is has been a Blue Dream, come true. Thanks to all for reading.

Bike: 2002 Honda Metropolitan


  • Michelin S1 90/90-10
  • ATR Front Hub
  • Chimera Front Dish Polished 10×2.15
  • Feign SB V2 Low Down Honda Ruckus Front Forks
  • ATR 2-Piston Brake Caliper

Rear end:

  • ATR Low Stance Coil Over Shock
  • Custom Shock Mount from Steady Garage
  • Michelin Power Pure 140/70-12
  • Chimera Hub
  • Douglas 12×7
  • Chimera Center Cap
  • NRG Open Lug Nuts (Teal Blue; 12×1.50)


  • Honda GET 50cc
  • ATR Custom Engine Mount 6.5” stretch (Raw Aluminum)
  • Custom Honda Monkey “Chimney” Exhaust
  • Chimera Header
  • Polini Variator
  • Polini Belt
  • Feign Blaster Ignition System (Unlimited CDI)
  • Composimo Ankle Biter (Raw)
  • Samco Radiator Hoses


  • Metallic/Aqua-Marine/Turquoise


  • MPAB Swan Handle Bar 7/8” (Black)
  • NCY Handle Bar Clamp (Black)
  • LowBrow Customs Cole Foster Signature Series Grips 7/8” (Mocha)
  • Stock Ruckus Control (right)
  • Stock Grom Control (Left)



  • Cheeky Seats Distressed Nubuck/Brushed Suede Seat Cover
  • KCP Rad Cap (Radiator Cap, Raw Aluminum)
  • Kijima Turn Signals (Amber)
  • MNNTHBX PAIR Valve Block-Off (Polished)
  • MNNTHBX Oil Cap (Polished)
  • MNNTHBX Dehydration Prevention Kit (Bottle Opener; Chrome)
  • MNNTHBX Skid Plate (Polished)
  • The Ruck Shop Louvered Radiator Cover (Chrome)
  • Password JDM Fender Washers (Gunmetal)
  • Custom Bobber “STOP” Tail Light w/ License Plate Mount
  • Custom Blue LED Push Start Button
  • Custom NGK Spark Plug Key


Frank Chavez